Raised Beds, Raised Consciousness

Staten Island does not grow very much food of its own. According to the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University, the island has community gardens on 3 lots, totaling 1 acre. That’s not a lot of food for the over 400,000 people living there. In addition, much of the island exists in a food desert, … Continue reading

Candle to Candle

Even in New York City, in amongst 8 million people, amongst infinite ideas and energies swirling all around, it is possible to feel isolated. It is possible to feel the fundamental loneliness inside our own brains, alone with just our thoughts. I can feel it in side street stillness, when I suddenly realize there are … Continue reading

The Season Commences

It was 80 degrees and I was hot. I had potting mix in my hands and sweat running down my face. The texture of the mix, the feel of the bandanna tight around my head, the smell of sun block on my face — this was the authentic summertime feeling, a reunion with an old … Continue reading

Urban Farming: A Return to the City’s Essence

Walk the city streets and your eyes are always drawn up, up to the steel piercing the sky, to the towers approaching but never grasping the clouds, never fully consuming the nature from which they’ve taken so much. Down the avenue is a concrete canyon of artificial darkness, miles upon miles of busy feet and … Continue reading

Occupy our Food Supply, Occupy our Bodies

When we eat, the food we eat becomes us. And what are we after all? Maybe we are just an accumulation of memories, or a construct to create order out of chaos. Or maybe, we are the accumulation of the food we’ve consumed, the life we’ve taken in, in the form of animals and plants, … Continue reading