The Great Googa Mooga

The headliner of The Great Googa Mooga Festival on Saturday was not a musical artist but the 75 food vendors lining the perimeter of Nethermead Meadow in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. This was not your typical music festival food of chicken fingers and french fries. If there was chicken, it was probably organic, and probably topped … Continue reading

Finding Community at the Brooklyn Food Conference

Activists, advocates, writers, students, and foodies all converged on Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Saturday for the Brooklyn Food Conference, a day dedicated to discussions of food justice, food policy, and the way that food unites us all. As we filed into the main auditorium for the opening session, the sounds … Continue reading

Spring Harvest

Bright vibrant colors rise to meet the dawn. The reds, the purples, the greens. On hands and knees moving quickly through the beds, filling boxes to the brim. Cold water over the harvest, fingers grow numb. Songs of Spring, the spirit is the poet, the vegetables the poem, and we are at once both the … Continue reading

Prince Charles on the Future of Food

Prince Charles’ speech on the future of food, delivered in May 2011 at Georgetown University and released in print from this past February, is a poignant illumination of the problems facing our food system (growth of monocultures instead of polycultures; use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, genetic modification, growth hormones in animals; damage to the … Continue reading