The Great Googa Mooga

The headliner of The Great Googa Mooga Festival on Saturday was not a musical artist but the 75 food vendors lining the perimeter of Nethermead Meadow in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. This was not your typical music festival food of chicken fingers and french fries. If there was chicken, it was probably organic, and probably topped with pickled cucumbers, potato chips and spicy mayonnaise (as in the case of the chicken sandwich offered at Jean Georges’ Simply Chicken booth). Thousands of people spent significant amounts of time waiting for their food, forced to accept delayed gratification, with a backdrop of the lush Prospect Park, a crystal clear spring day, and music that ranged from salsa to psychedelic to hip hop. Walking around the park was an olfactory journey through a maze of distinct food items, from the pulled pork sandwich at the Dinosaur BBQ booth to the pizza at Roberta’s booth to lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster. People could be forgiven for wandering in circles around the park, traveling through the sights and smells of this once-in-a-lifetime (actually, two days out of the year) combination of amazing food choices and proximity of one choice to another — to get from Roberta’s to Joe’s Pizza required walking 15 feet. This was foodie heaven. Oh yeah, and The Roots put on a SHOW. Hip hop has never quite tasted so good.

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