7 Billion People

Today I attended a panel discussion at the WNYC Studios in SoHo entitled “How Do We Feed a Planet of 7 Billion?” It was hosted by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition, and Worldwatch Institute. The session doubled as a book launch for Eating Planet: Nutrition Today – A Challenge for Mankind and the … Continue reading

In the Jura Mountains

There is an ineffable quality to this landscape in the French countryside. You can try to articulate what you see. You can try through metaphor, as countless poets have, to deliver truth to a reader by making the unfamiliar into the familiar, comparing the rolling hills to ocean waves, applying rationality to an experience way … Continue reading

An American-Style Food Truck in Paris

One thing was not like the others at the Marche Raspail on Tuesday. The Cantine California truck stood out amongst the market’s other stalls and tables. Nestled in amidst display cases of fine cheeses, baskets of freshly harvested vegetables, and tables filled with assorted necklaces and bracelets, was a big brown truck with an outline … Continue reading