Food Cycling

Compost is a powerful symbol of nature’s potential for renewal and rebirth. It is the product of decomposed organic material (fruit and vegetable scraps, straw, hay, leaves, coffee grounds, etc.), which essentially ends up looking like healthy soil when it decomposes. In the absence of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use compost to add fertility, nutrients … Continue reading

Fresh Food in Queensbridge Houses

In a city of great wealth and a seeming abundance of food, there are still many people and entire neighborhoods that don’t get the equal access – whether for geographic or economic reasons –  to healthy, fresh produce as others. A new program by GrowNYC that starts next will attempt to address this access problem … Continue reading

Learning to Be Present in France

Note: this article was first posted on Construction Lit Mag. The French Food Chronicles, Part I: “Being Present” The first post in a 3-part series on connecting to food in France In June, I spent 18 days in France with eight fellow NYU Food Studies graduate students and ten graduate students from the American University … Continue reading

GMOs in California

This November, California voters will have their say on Proposition 37, which if passed would require all food sold in California supermarkets to be labelled if it contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms, which are modified with foreign genes to create something that would not be found naturally). Check out this helpful infographic about GMOs. Lobbyists … Continue reading