Fresh Food in Queensbridge Houses

In a city of great wealth and a seeming abundance of food, there are still many people and entire neighborhoods that don’t get the equal access – whether for geographic or economic reasons –  to healthy, fresh produce as others. A new program by GrowNYC that starts next will attempt to address this access problem in a direct way. Read about the program in The NY Daily News.

Once a week, GrowNYC will set up a produce stand in the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City and sell shares of local produce to residents. There are many notable things about this program, namely its flexibility (residents can choose what and how much they want week to week), its affordability ($10 per share; use of EBT allowed), its reduction of waste (farmers know in advance how much to provide before harvesting for the stand), and its premise that access and affordability will lead to healthier eating and to healthier communities (to say that certain communities are less inclined to eat fruits and vegetables, as critics have said about attempts to increase access, is to accept that certain communities should be condemned by the contours of our food system to live less healthy and less fulfilling lives).

Access to healthy food is a basic human right, and it is the job of government and of non-profits like GrowNYC to make sure our fellow New Yorkers don’t fall through the proverbial cracks of capitalism. This new program will do just that for Queensbridge Houses.

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