My thoughts on Permaculture were posted on Construction Lit Mag…

The article, posted today on Construction, talks about my visit to Tierra del Sol, a permaculture farm just outside Oaxaca, and introduces the context of my group’s trip to Mexico… See the full article here:

A Mystical Journey on the Wings of the Maguey

My journey through Mexico in January can be traced back on the wings of the magical, mystical maguey plant: it marked my time there not in any particular objectively obvious way, but in the way that the majestic rolling hills unfold towards the horizon, and it is only on second glance that you notice they … Continue reading

Permaculture at Tierra del Sol

When I looked over the fence from Tierra del Sol into the next farm, I saw rows of corn stalks, withered and dried, stretching out practically to the foot of the hills – the remnants of the previous harvest. I saw an enormous monoculture, dependent on one crop, concerned with extracting maximum production from the … Continue reading

A Coffee Plantation in Oaxaca

My professor, Dr. Carolyn Dimitri, who is leading our class’s trip to Mexico, asked me to write a guest post on her blog. You can read the original post  here. Monday was a day of ascents: we rode up the mountain from Oaxaca to San Augustin Loxicha over the course of five hypnotizing hours filled … Continue reading

The French Food Chronicles, Part III: Synthesis

Note: this article first appeared on Construction Lit Mag. Though I was in Paris, at the Marché Raspail, and the presence of French speakers shouldn’t have surprised me at all, when I heard the French language around me at that particular moment, I knew that something special, something new was happening. It was lunch hour on a … Continue reading

The Education of a Situated Eater

Note: this article was first posted on Construction Lit Mag. The French Food Chronicles, part 2: the Education of a Situated Eater The cows turned the corner, looked up and hesitated, unsure about the strange crowd standing near the entrance to the barn. We were lined up with cameras and notepads like paparazzi . But there was little … Continue reading

Learning to Be Present in France

Note: this article was first posted on Construction Lit Mag. The French Food Chronicles, Part I: “Being Present” The first post in a 3-part series on connecting to food in France In June, I spent 18 days in France with eight fellow NYU Food Studies graduate students and ten graduate students from the American University … Continue reading

An American-Style Food Truck in Paris

One thing was not like the others at the Marche Raspail on Tuesday. The Cantine California truck stood out amongst the market’s other stalls and tables. Nestled in amidst display cases of fine cheeses, baskets of freshly harvested vegetables, and tables filled with assorted necklaces and bracelets, was a big brown truck with an outline … Continue reading