“Harvest” on Heritage Radio Network!

Hear me read an excerpt from my epic poem, “Harvest,” on Heritage Radio Network!

Food Movement Rising: NYC Mayoral Food Forum

Outside it seemed like just another political event, with signs for various candidates – Quinn, Liu, De Blasio – held in the air, waving, bright and loud yet somehow after a while becoming inconspicuous, blending into the background like branches on trees; part of the physical and political landscape on 13tth street. There were eager … Continue reading

USDA Farm to School Grants

Note: this post first appeared on the Slow Food USA blog. On November 14th, USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced the first-ever USDA Farm to School grants, which totaled more than $4.5 million for 68 different projects around the country, and will go a long way towards reshaping the interplay between our children, the schools … Continue reading

Visions of McCarren Park Urban Farm

  Last Thursday, my friend Ryan and I (and a group of other North Brooklyn residents) attended the participatory budgeting meeting for the 33rd District. It was a chance for community members to voice concerns about problems in the neighborhood, present ideas about how to fix those problems, and start the process of deciding how … Continue reading

BBQ at the Java St Garden

Yesterday the Java St Garden Collaborative, a new community garden in Greenpoint, BK, on Java Street between West Street and Franklin Street, had a fundraising BBQ that in a lot of ways was its official introduction to the neighborhood. The gate swung open at 4pm and the air quickly filled with the smell of the … Continue reading

Introduction to Battery Urban Farm

Last Thursday I spent the day harvesting, seeding, and expanding my mind at Battery Urban Farm, nestled in between steel and glass office towers, in the long shadow of the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, bounded by New York Harbor and its islands – Governor’s, Staten, Liberty, Ellis; a one-acre farm shaped like a … Continue reading

Food Cycling

Compost is a powerful symbol of nature’s potential for renewal and rebirth. It is the product of decomposed organic material (fruit and vegetable scraps, straw, hay, leaves, coffee grounds, etc.), which essentially ends up looking like healthy soil when it decomposes. In the absence of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use compost to add fertility, nutrients … Continue reading

Repairing the Land on Java Street

Greenpoint, Brooklyn sits on top of an estimated 17 million to 30 million gallons of oil (read about it here and here), so starting a community garden in the neighborhood requires more than just tossing some seeds into the ground and reaping a quick harvest. Despite all we’ve done over the last 150 years or … Continue reading

Spring Harvest

Bright vibrant colors rise to meet the dawn. The reds, the purples, the greens. On hands and knees moving quickly through the beds, filling boxes to the brim. Cold water over the harvest, fingers grow numb. Songs of Spring, the spirit is the poet, the vegetables the poem, and we are at once both the … Continue reading

Vacant Land

In Brooklyn, there are 596 acres of vacant, city-owned land, according to 596 Acres, a group that identified all the vacant lots in the borough and have been helping community members start gardens on that land. What better way to use these neglected lots than to grow healthy food, create a sense of community, and … Continue reading