Darkness in the Red Hook Houses

Sharing food connects us to our primal urge to gather together, to rebuild our tired, weary bodies while sitting around the proverbial fire. If nothing else, that is what makes us human: feeling the need to join others, to find restoration there. We can rise even further than that, by recognizing that we all belong … Continue reading

The French Food Chronicles, Part III: Synthesis

Note: this article first appeared on Construction Lit Mag. Though I was in Paris, at the Marché Raspail, and the presence of French speakers shouldn’t have surprised me at all, when I heard the French language around me at that particular moment, I knew that something special, something new was happening. It was lunch hour on a … Continue reading

Visions of McCarren Park Urban Farm

  Last Thursday, my friend Ryan and I (and a group of other North Brooklyn residents) attended the participatory budgeting meeting for the 33rd District. It was a chance for community members to voice concerns about problems in the neighborhood, present ideas about how to fix those problems, and start the process of deciding how … Continue reading

BBQ at the Java St Garden

Yesterday the Java St Garden Collaborative, a new community garden in Greenpoint, BK, on Java Street between West Street and Franklin Street, had a fundraising BBQ that in a lot of ways was its official introduction to the neighborhood. The gate swung open at 4pm and the air quickly filled with the smell of the … Continue reading

The Education of a Situated Eater

Note: this article was first posted on Construction Lit Mag. The French Food Chronicles, part 2: the Education of a Situated Eater The cows turned the corner, looked up and hesitated, unsure about the strange crowd standing near the entrance to the barn. We were lined up with cameras and notepads like paparazzi . But there was little … Continue reading

Introduction to Battery Urban Farm

Last Thursday I spent the day harvesting, seeding, and expanding my mind at Battery Urban Farm, nestled in between steel and glass office towers, in the long shadow of the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, bounded by New York Harbor and its islands – Governor’s, Staten, Liberty, Ellis; a one-acre farm shaped like a … Continue reading

A Meta-Meta-Analysis

A Stanford University meta-analysis (a study of other studies [which makes this post a sort of meta-meta-analysis and will commence the world turning in on itself]) released today questions whether there are any health benefits to eating organic produce or meat. It is worth reading about the study – here are reports from The New … Continue reading

Food Cycling

Compost is a powerful symbol of nature’s potential for renewal and rebirth. It is the product of decomposed organic material (fruit and vegetable scraps, straw, hay, leaves, coffee grounds, etc.), which essentially ends up looking like healthy soil when it decomposes. In the absence of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use compost to add fertility, nutrients … Continue reading

Fresh Food in Queensbridge Houses

In a city of great wealth and a seeming abundance of food, there are still many people and entire neighborhoods that don’t get the equal access – whether for geographic or economic reasons –  to healthy, fresh produce as others. A new program by GrowNYC that starts next will attempt to address this access problem … Continue reading

Learning to Be Present in France

Note: this article was first posted on Construction Lit Mag. The French Food Chronicles, Part I: “Being Present” The first post in a 3-part series on connecting to food in France In June, I spent 18 days in France with eight fellow NYU Food Studies graduate students and ten graduate students from the American University … Continue reading