Food Movement Rising: NYC Mayoral Food Forum

Outside it seemed like just another political event, with signs for various candidates – Quinn, Liu, De Blasio – held in the air, waving, bright and loud yet somehow after a while becoming inconspicuous, blending into the background like branches on trees; part of the physical and political landscape on 13tth street. There were eager … Continue reading

La Preciosita

In La Preciosita, a small migrant community village about an hour outside of Puebla, Mexico, the streets are quiet when the sun is at its peak. The air is dry and still. The hills unfold endlessly outward, dotted with maguey plants with leaves spread wide like a hawk in flight. About 1/6 of the Puebla … Continue reading

USDA Farm to School Grants

Note: this post first appeared on the Slow Food USA blog. On November 14th, USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced the first-ever USDA Farm to School grants, which totaled more than $4.5 million for 68 different projects around the country, and will go a long way towards reshaping the interplay between our children, the schools … Continue reading

Big Money, Soda Taxes, and GMOs

Note: this article first appeared in Construction Lit Mag. While big money did not win out in the presidential election (see: the amount of money spent by Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s Super PAC, and its success rate in the races it tried to influence), when it came to food issues on the ballot in California, … Continue reading

A Meta-Meta-Analysis

A Stanford University meta-analysis (a study of other studies [which makes this post a sort of meta-meta-analysis and will commence the world turning in on itself]) released today questions whether there are any health benefits to eating organic produce or meat. It is worth reading about the study – here are reports from The New … Continue reading

Fresh Food in Queensbridge Houses

In a city of great wealth and a seeming abundance of food, there are still many people and entire neighborhoods that don’t get the equal access – whether for geographic or economic reasons –  to healthy, fresh produce as others. A new program by GrowNYC that starts next will attempt to address this access problem … Continue reading

GMOs in California

This November, California voters will have their say on Proposition 37, which if passed would require all food sold in California supermarkets to be labelled if it contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms, which are modified with foreign genes to create something that would not be found naturally). Check out this helpful infographic about GMOs. Lobbyists … Continue reading

Corporate Influence in Organic Food

Last Sunday, the New York Times ran an article asking whether the organic food industry has been oversized — whether corporate influence in the industry has changed the meaning of organic beyond its initial intent and purpose, both co-opting and corrupting the process of setting organic standards and of shaping the direction of the industry. … Continue reading

NYC Food Policy Notes

Health Bucks is one of a number of innovative anti-obesity and food access policies (Healthy Bodegas Initiative, Green Carts, etc.) that New York City has implemented in recent years  to increase access to healthy food all across the city. Today the city announced that this season, Health Bucks will be accepted at all 138 farmers … Continue reading

Prince Charles on the Future of Food

Prince Charles’ speech on the future of food, delivered in May 2011 at Georgetown University and released in print from this past February, is a poignant illumination of the problems facing our food system (growth of monocultures instead of polycultures; use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, genetic modification, growth hormones in animals; damage to the … Continue reading