Big Money, Soda Taxes, and GMOs

Note: this article first appeared in Construction Lit Mag. While big money did not win out in the presidential election (see: the amount of money spent by Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s Super PAC, and its success rate in the races it tried to influence), when it came to food issues on the ballot in California, … Continue reading

GMOs in California

This November, California voters will have their say on Proposition 37, which if passed would require all food sold in California supermarkets to be labelled if it contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms, which are modified with foreign genes to create something that would not be found naturally). Check out this helpful infographic about GMOs. Lobbyists … Continue reading

Occupy our Food Supply, Occupy our Bodies

When we eat, the food we eat becomes us. And what are we after all? Maybe we are just an accumulation of memories, or a construct to create order out of chaos. Or maybe, we are the accumulation of the food we’ve consumed, the life we’ve taken in, in the form of animals and plants, … Continue reading