Permaculture at Tierra del Sol

When I looked over the fence from Tierra del Sol into the next farm, I saw rows of corn stalks, withered and dried, stretching out practically to the foot of the hills – the remnants of the previous harvest. I saw an enormous monoculture, dependent on one crop, concerned with extracting maximum production from the … Continue reading

A Meta-Meta-Analysis

A Stanford University meta-analysis (a study of other studies [which makes this post a sort of meta-meta-analysis and will commence the world turning in on itself]) released today questions whether there are any health benefits to eating organic produce or meat. It is worth reading about the study – here are reports from The New … Continue reading

7 Billion People

Today I attended a panel discussion at the WNYC Studios in SoHo entitled “How Do We Feed a Planet of 7 Billion?” It was hosted by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition, and Worldwatch Institute. The session doubled as a book launch for Eating Planet: Nutrition Today – A Challenge for Mankind and the … Continue reading

Prince Charles on the Future of Food

Prince Charles’ speech on the future of food, delivered in May 2011 at Georgetown University and released in print from this past February, is a poignant illumination of the problems facing our food system (growth of monocultures instead of polycultures; use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, genetic modification, growth hormones in animals; damage to the … Continue reading

Sustainability and Skepticism

It is easy to demonize the system of industrial production of meat, to lament the damage it does to the environment (manure runoff and methane), to public health (indiscriminate use of antibiotics on animals ends up creating resistant strains of bacteria that kill thousands of Americans every year), and to the soul or spirit or … Continue reading